Pinakothek Exhibition  |  München, Germany

Expo Pavilion  |  Competition  |  Finalist  
*In Collaboration with Cesar Cano Diaz

Guardhouse  |  Fezna, Morocco

Guesthouse amidst Palms  |  Nakhal, Oman

Heritage House  |  Al Amarat, Oman

Post-tensioning Earthen Prototype  |  EPFL Summer School  |  St. Gallen, Switzerland
*In Collaboration with Studio Roger Boltshauser / Boltshauser Architekten

Villa in Al Hail  |  Muscat, Oman

FF House  |  Mdabulo, Tanzania

Shuprana II  |  Guesthouse Prototype |  Marrakech, Morocco  
*In Collaboration with B.C. Architects

Cultural Center  |  Competition  |  Bamiyan, Afghanistan
*In Collaboration with Timur Ersen and Tobias Fritz

House in a Vineyard  |  Bourgogne, France

Ajeli & Shangwe Housing Prototypes  |  ETH Zürich Summer School  |  Ikanga, Tanzania

Community Center  |  ETH Zürich Summer School  |  Mdabulo, Tanzania

Shuprana I  |  Earthen Workshop  |  Marrakech, Morocco  
*In Collaboration with B.C. Architects

Y & W House  |  North Carolina, USA

Peacock, Dragon, Nightingale Hostels  |  Bamboo Biennale  |  Longquan, China  
*In Collaboration with Anna Heringer

Pavilion Harp  |  Guggenheim Lab Competition, Finalist  |  New York City

Two Room Earthen Pavilion  |  Design Build  |  Abetenim, Ghana

Air Force Memorial Chapel and Garden  |  Competition  |  San Antonio Texas, USA  
*In Collaboration with Vanessa Carreras

Student Housing  |  Competition  |   Athens, Greece  
*In Collaboration with Vanessa Carreras